Boisdale Rib Eye Roast

Boisdale Rib Eye Roast

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Whole Boneless Rib Eye Roast 
Grass fed and dry aged for 35 days - this is a great joint for roasting or cut into steaks for the barbecue. Fat means flavour - and the glorious rib eye roast has it in abundance. Generous marbling throughout the inner eye of the fore rib makes this roasting joint incredibly succulent and juicy. We bone out the fore rib, trim any excess fat and tie the rib eye for roasting - see cooking notes here

1.5kg joint (serves 6)
3kg joint (serves 12)

3 to 5 working days - UK mainland only  
Beef, salmon and cheese orders up to £200 = £8 delivery  
Beef, salmon and cheese orders above £200 = free delivery 
Please note that orders from different suppliers will be charged individually and arrive separately 
The beef will be hand cut to order and arrive in a fully chilled and insulated box 

Some of the most sought after beef in the UK - grass fed, dry aged Boisdale steaks and roasting joints from our prestigious butchers the Campbell Brothers. 
Fully traceable from gate to your plate, this beef is of the highest quality and provenance, as supplied to Boisdale and Buckingham Palace.
Boisdale Beef is carefully selected from the finest Scottish beef cattle from small estates in Scotland.
All animals are either steer or heifer with no bulls over thirty months of age. 
The animals are grass fed and carefully selected based on a strict set of criteria to ensure the highest level of consistency and quality. 
All Boisdale beef is fully traceable.
This quality of beef, the dry ageing process of at least 21 days, and skilful butchery is what gives this exceptional product the Boisdale seal of approval.
Supply of Boisdale Beef is available exclusively from the Campbell Brothers in Scotland and Boisdale in London.