Wild Venison Rack

Wild Venison Rack

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1.1kg to 1.4kg racks

A pair of 7-9 racks on the bone that interlock to create the Venison Guard of Honour. The bone at the base of the loin is chimed and removed, and the ribs at the tip are French trimmed. The ribs on each rack interlock to form an arch, and stuffing can then be placed in the hollow between each of the loins. Ideal for a dinner party - the loin is exceptionally tender due to the fine texture and is best served medium rare.

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Order by midnight on Sunday for delivery the following Thursday - UK mainland only 
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The venison is vacuum packed with gold foil insert and will be delivered in a fully insulated and chilled box 
Please note that orders from different suppliers will be charged individually and arrive separately

Wild venison from the highlands of Scotland - the animals feed on plants and flowers and are well hung to produce a lean and flavourful meat with a superb texture.